What does it mean to have a 7" machine ready reel (Please see link)?

Answer "Machine ready reels" means the parts are mounted on a tape and a reel for an automated surface mounting machine. The parts do not have leads/wires since they are designed for surface mount. There ... Read More »

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Samsung washing machine p1453 what does 5 e mean on the computerised screen when machine stops working?

quite simple,when 5e is displayed it means to check the debris filter at the bottom right hand side of washer.dont forget to drain the washer first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a house is NOT "cable ready" does that mean we cant have internet hooked up?

If its not cable ready and you still want internet from a cable provider, they will drop a coax line into your house where you want the cable modem to sit. They will need your consent to do so and ... Read More »

What does it mean when your getting ready to have sex with your man and his penis start leaking?

Pre cuum If I do 1 'u' it blanks the word out lol but ya that's what it's called

Have you a 'link' to the best ccleaner to have please ... Thank you.?

I always download it from Filehippo…However, if you prefer the "slim" version (no toolbar), get it here - much smaller download and it's just the samehttp:... Read More »