What does it mean to diligently seek the Lord?

Answer On One Hand: The Lasting BenefitsDiligently seeking the Lord is profoundly equated with positive benefits. The average Bible reader may see, in agreement with Bible scholars and theologians, the go... Read More »

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What does"seek injunction"mean?

To seek an injunction means to approach a judge or court in order to get a document that prohibits a person from doing something undesirable or orders a person to do something desirable. In some st... Read More »

What does the title lord mean?

The title of lord could be given to someone with authority or high rank, or to someone with nobility. It could also be used address a bishop in the Church of England.References:Free Merriam-Webster... Read More »

What does it mean to hope in the Lord?

The phrase “hope in the Lord” is a colloquialism, defining a faith that God will provide for a particular need. It goes beyond the typical definition of “hope,” in that a believer has a con... Read More »

What does the USA freedom corps seek to do?