What does it mean to connect with the text?

Answer When readers connect with the text, it means they use their personal experience and knowledge base to give the text more meaning. Readers learn more from a given text if they are able to make a con... Read More »

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What does lpc mean in text?

What does sic mean in text?

Sic means "thus" or "so" in Latin and is added in parentheses after text that contains an error in grammar, spelling or usage. It indicates that the writer is aware of the error and has included it... Read More »

What does CUA mean in text?

"Cua” means “see you around,” according to the Your Dictionary website. You can write the shorthand phrase in either uppercase or lowercase text. You can use it while texting or in various ch... Read More »

What does TTFN mean in text?

The acronym TTFN means "ta ta for now." It is used in online chat, texting, blogs, newsgroup postings and other Internet forums. The acronym TTFN is a way of saying goodbye.References:Netlingo: TTF... Read More »