What does ROTC commit you to?

Answer Generally, your commitment to the military is directly proportional with the number of years ROTC pays for your school. If you are awarded a full 4-year scholarship through ROTC, you will owe the ... Read More »

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What does the CIA carry out?

The CIA the nation's security and warrants. IRS it the monitoring and collectiong of federal income tax from American individuals and businesses.

What does a us marine carry in his pack?

Well it depends on what he does if he is a medicobviously medical supplies demolition C-4 explosive stuff in that region so on and so forth

What type of gun does the Army CID carry?

What charge does a neutron carry?

Neutrons are neutral, meaning the particles have no electric charge. In an atom, protons carry positive charges and form the nucleus along with the atom's neutrons. The electrons orbit the nucleus ... Read More »