What does it mean to burn a cd?

Answer Computer files can range in type and size from tiny text files taking only a kilobyte to massive multimedia videos that start at several gigabytes. Different media are available for storing these i... Read More »

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What does burn a DVD mean?

To "burn" a DVD means using your computer to copy digital files onto a blank DVD for storage or playback. You can use a burned DVD to watch a movie on your DVD player or to transfer files from one ... Read More »

What does it mean when your eyes burn?

Your eyes burn for a variety of reasons. It could be a side effect from some kind of medicine, allergies, dry contacts (if you wear them), some kind of chemical that is either in your eye, or in t... Read More »

Does white skin and no sensation mean a burn is third degree?

White skin means that you're caucasian.No sensation means he's doing it wrong!poor babby - did you burn yourself mak\ing the pork cutlets? Better get out of the kitchen and back to the bedroom wher... Read More »

If your computer has a cd burner, does that mean you can burn dvds too?