Am i vain or shallow?

Answer If you call that shallow then I must be the lowest of the low. I want to look perfect every time I go out most of the time. Don't worry, you're fine (: !

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What does a vain effort mean?

The idiom "in vain" can mean “to no avail; without success” although some definitions of vain include the words worthless, idle and empty. When people say an effort was made in vain they mean t... Read More »

What does it mean your vain is pulsating a lot?

Probably high blood pressure, or stress....I've had that happen to me.

Think I Cut My Vain On Foot (pain)?

no it is not true that if you hit a vein it won't stop bleeding. just apply direct pressure to make the bleeding stop. clean the cut with warm soapy water, gently pat dry, apply Neosporin and a cle... Read More »

Swollen Vain in my hand help!!?

Use pain killer to cure the pain!Good luck!