What is the preferred method to transport and unconscious victim?

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After opening an unconscious patient's airway what should you do?

If the patient is in the recovery position and the airway is open do this: 1.put your ear to the mouth and nose area while looking at their chest 2. If they are breathing you should be able to he... Read More »

What is the primary goal when providing first aid to an unconscious?

The goal is to ensure that the victim is in a safe area, has no major head injuries or in fact any other injury, and breathing is stable.

What is the easiest way to make myself purposely unconscious in school?

Since cutting off the supply of oxygen and blood to your brain seems so important to you I could tell you how. But first let me explain to the the problems you may encounter after you wake up, or i... Read More »

When you find a person who looks to be unconscious what dangers should you check for?

Perform a scene size-up upon entering the scene. Try to determine why the person is unconscious. Do you smell anything? Do you see any open canisters or containers that could alert you to a problem... Read More »