Are there standardized 3 - 4 letter abbreviations for college sports team names and professional sports city names-like what ESPN would use in their sports tickers?

Answer Why would it be

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What does it mean to be sports literate?

The term "sports literate" can have multiple meanings. It can refer to someone who frequently reads about sports. It can also describe someone who has a vast knowledge of sports terms, or a person ... Read More »

Does ESPN advertise College sports?

What does FTE mean in college?

In college, the acronym FTE stands for full-time equivalent. College instructors are paid based on their FTE status, which represents the percent of time that an instructor is paid to actually teac... Read More »

What channel is CBS college sports in directv?

Okay people asked you what CHANNEL it was on not how much it freaking COST ! like did yall get the QUESTION at all ?channel 185 or 186 its called spike