Is it possible to participate in college ROTC and a college sport?

Answer You can complete the elective course without having to serve in the military. The only way you'd be compelled to do military service is if you enrolled on an ROTC scholarship. At that point, they'v... Read More »

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What sport did Elisabeth Hasselbeck play in college?

Elisabeth Hasselbeck attended Boston College in Massachusetts, where she played Division-1 softball from 1996 to 1998. She was the captain for two seasons and helped lead her team to two Big East c... Read More »

What does FTE mean in college?

In college, the acronym FTE stands for full-time equivalent. College instructors are paid based on their FTE status, which represents the percent of time that an instructor is paid to actually teac... Read More »

What does cowing mean in college?

Cowing means to uproot someones "resolve" or "courage" through intimidation, according to Merriam-Webster's Dictionary. While not always legal, some fraternities and sororities at colleges may part... Read More »

What does ss in a college paper mean?

In academic writing, the abbreviation s. s. commonly means "sensu stricto," Latin for "in the strict sense." You use it when you need to indicate that you're using a term in its most specific sense... Read More »