What does it mean to be proactive?

Answer Merriam-Webster dictionary says that the word "proactive" means to act in anticipation of a problem. In other words, a person who is proactive foresees an issue and acts in a way that would minimiz... Read More »

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What does proactive planning mean?

Proactive planning refers to preparing for the unexpected so a situation becomes less problematic. By thinking of possible negative outcomes, people are forced to discover solutions that may make a... Read More »

What does being proactive mean?

Being proactive means to take action with an end result in mind, whether it be aggressive action or preventative behavior. Being proactive often implies a "take charge" attitude with regards to act... Read More »

Does PROACTIVE (for blemishes on face) REALY work please tell me if you have taken it and what happened!!!!!!?

it worked but my face was really dry afterwards, even when i used the lotion for it!You know what rally worked. i went on a diet. weight watchers, i was eating healthy things and drinking allot of... Read More »

Does proactive work?

Yes! It is the best! I have being using it for 5 years and will not change it for anything. You must let 1-2 months, depends on your acne, to notice all the difference and you will not have any bre... Read More »