I keep hearing passive and active 3D TV but have no idea what do they mean?

Answer Active 3D technology means that that each image is delivered to one eye each at rapid spped. So you're only viewing the image with one eye at a time. This is normally not noticeable but if you're s... Read More »

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Is it true that passive 3d tvs are better than active 3d tvs and which one is the best passive 3d tv?

No it isn't. Passive television splits alternate lines to each eye so effectively they reduce the resolution to only 540 lines. That's even worse than standard definition of 576 lines.LG make passi... Read More »

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Does LG make passive 3D TVs?

LG only make passive 3D television. They do not supply any models that are active 3D.

Does Samsung have passive 3d?

No, they only have active ones. They don't make passive ones because it's their major competitor LG's main technology and they don't want to look like a looser. LG, though used to make active 3D tv... Read More »