How to Set up a Hostel?

Answer Hostels are inexpensive hotels or inns that generally cater to budget travelers. Often located in major cities or around tourist sites, they feature basic accommodations and cheap rates. As a site ... Read More »

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How to Buy a Youth Hostel Pass?

The term "youth hostel" may be slightly misleading. Although a few youth hostels do cap visitor age at 30 or 40, most welcome visitors of all ages and families, with or without children. Purchasing... Read More »

How to Cope in a College Hostel?

So you are away from home for the first time, huh? You're off to college, and living away from home? Go you! You're excited, of course. Let's hope that that excitement doesn't wear off once you arr... Read More »

How to Choose a Hostel for a Trip Abroad?

Hostels provide a cheap alternative to motels or hotels and offer an inviting community atmosphere to those backpackers who may be traveling alone. Hostels may also have tour desks to help you orga... Read More »

Can i share any folder on LAN of my hostel that anybody can see it without downloading?

Please let us know which os you are using,,, for windows xp follow the below steps.Yes, you can do it.To share a folder just right click on the folder --> go to properties.There will be a option ... Read More »