What does it mean to be financially in the red?

Answer When you are financially "in the red," your business is losing more money than it is earning. Although a business might rely upon credit lines or loan extensions and continue to operate, it must be... Read More »

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How do I become financially indepentent while in uni?

u don't - fixate on graduating withhigh marks.plenty of jobs available 4 studentsu just have to hustle.

How to Be Financially Disciplined?

Do you want it to be easy to save money, but enjoy entertainment too? A simple way to save, enjoy and not have to worry every day about finances. Read on to find the starting points on how to be fi... Read More »

How is Valic doing financially?

Renters Insurance doe snot cover "Real Property". If you have purchased a home then you need a Homeowners Insurance Policy.

How to Be Financially Secure?

To be financially secured is not a chore. However, it takes discipline. This article will explain one important step to be financially secured. After doing this step, you can continue on your own.