How to Become Enlightened?

Answer To become enlightened, know that there are no special virtues to acquire. Simply remain conscious. The practice of prolonging our conscious state may not give us the power to control the material w... Read More »

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How to Become Enlightened the Natural Way?

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What Are the Characteristics of an Enlightened Ruler?

Any society with a hierarchical structure will have an individual who will have a disproportionate responsibility for governance. He may be a single monarch who has almost total governmental contro... Read More »

What is the meaning of enlightened despot?

Theoretically, an "Enlightened Despot" is a political figure who possesses absolute power but uses this power solely for the benefit of those over whom he rules.OriginsThe idea of the enlightened d... Read More »

How to Be Biblically Enlightened in Troubled Times?

If you are a Christian, experiencing a tragic moment in life, this article is for you. Please continue reading!