What does it mean to be dilating during pregnancy?

Answer When you are dilating during labor, this means your cervix is opening more and softening to allow the baby to pass through the birth canal. Your cervix will be ready to pass the baby through once y... Read More »

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Is there any signs or symptoms when you are dilating at the end of pregnancy?

No, there will be no problem. Blood typing problems only have the potential to harm when the woman carrying the baby is Rh negative.

Can you be dilating even if the mucus plug has not come out yet?

Answer Yes,you can.The plug can stay put until the late stage of labor- just before the baby is born(how it manages to,I can't figure out!), but much more commonly it comes away much earlier.Someti... Read More »

When pregnant can you tell when your cervix is dilating?

Can your cervix stop dilating once it is started?

unfortunately not Im a doctor so understand u horr so have fun with birth