What does it mean to be cynical?

Answer Someone who is cynical does not believe that others have sincere motives. Most typically, cynical people exhibit sarcastic behavior and have pessimistic attitudes. The word stems from the 1580s and... Read More »

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Do you think Yahoo! Answers has made you TOO cynical?

I know the feeling!I am 100% with you on this matter.Not only has Y!A made me cynical, it has made me get awfully rude with a LOT of people, thus me in the ending looking like a *****!

Asking questions on here is opening a minefield for sarcasm the answers I received are so cynical?

I think the best thing to do is keep an open mind. That way it doesn't annoy you in anyway when you get silly answers. They may even make you laugh.

Dear vegetarians, did watching the movie Earthlings make you more disgruntled, cynical and even misanthropic?

Earthlings was the single most life-changing movie I've ever watched in the time I've been alive. It made me go VEGAN overnight and for at least a week after watching it, I felt strongly these feel... Read More »