What does it mean to be constipated?

Answer It's hard for you to have a bowel movement. You know go poo.

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Where does all the waste go when constipated?

It fills in all the empty space in the body's cavities, packing the torso and skull with an insulating later of compacted, crumbly feces.

Does a baby get a fever when constipated?

As a human being, 'Daddy' relies on the regular consumption of fluids to survive. If 'Daddy' stopped drinking, he would die of dehydration and you would never be able to see him again.

How long does it have to be since your last bowel movement for you to be considered legally constipated?

I've been told that you should move 1 foot or more of stool out of your system per day (this is for someone who eats the average amount as according to the food guide and has adequate fiber... if ... Read More »

I'm constipated What to do?

drink a lot of water... the stool is like....too hard u know? u might be deyhdrated, so it's not soft like it should be. sometimes coffee can work...also, try exercising. that might stimulate your... Read More »