Pro-vax parents who say "I'd rather have an autistic child than a dead one," do you HAVE an autistic child?

Answer Texas nomad, I think I love you!What goes through my mind after I stop seeing red is that the person isn't very educated on vaccines and has no idea how rude and hurtful they are being.On the other... Read More »

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What is an autistic meltdown?

Autism is a common disability affecting children. The disorder causes behavioral and developmental problems, one of which is outbursts. The outbursts are generally referred to as autistic meltdowns... Read More »

Should I Get a Dog for My Autistic Child?

Trading accounts and manufacturing accounts are two very different accounts but are used together in manufacturing companies. The balance from a manufacturing account is used to calculate the balan... Read More »

Autistic Children in the Classroom?

According to Autism Speaks, one out of every 110 children has an autism spectrum disorder. With so many children living with autism, it is not surprising that many of them attend school and classes... Read More »

Bin Activities to Use With Autistic Children?

Containers can be incorporated into professional therapy sessions for children with autism, but parents can also learn how to use bins in exercises at home. Introducing a child with autism to diffe... Read More »