If a person does not blow your phone up what does that mean?

Answer This is a shot in the dark, but could it possibly be the opposite of your phone "blowing up," ie lots of calls? Just as one says "I'm blowing up" when their phone rings, humorously comparing the so... Read More »

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What does third person objective mean?

The third person objective is a point of view in which the narrator describes only what can be seen and heard without bias. Use the objective case of a pronoun (such as "him" or "her") when the per... Read More »

I'm supposed to write an essay in the first person, what does that mean It dosen't apply to me.?

Pretend that you don't have insurance. Imagine how that would effect your daily decisions and write about that.

How does a shallow well work?

A shallow well is made by boring into an underground aquifer, usually at a depth of less than 100 feet. Shallow wells are often used where the water table is very high.FeaturesA shallow well typic... Read More »

If you eat meat, does that mean you are a bad person?

That was rude of her to say....I do think that the girl need to check her button at the door when she shows up to work serving all us uncaring people our sausage biscuits, hamburgers, chicken nugge... Read More »