What does it mean when a girl?

Answer No not necessarily, it could just be a new friend to her. I would not jump to any conclusions, they could have just went out with a few friends and had some pictures taken.

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What does''hollaback girl''mean?

There are many possible definitions of "hollaback girl." One of the most popular definitions is a woman who returns calls from any man who pursues her, and will "holler back" at anyone.References:O... Read More »

What does it mean if a girl is silly?

What does the term good girl mean?

The phrase "good girl" is used to describe a well-behaved girl or female animal. Although it is almost always meant as a term of endearment, it can also be patronizing when spoken about an adult.Re... Read More »

What does it mean when a girl request me on Facebook?

Your question and it's details are a bit vague. It's really hard to tell what it means when she adds you on Facebook, she may or may not like you. You never really know, Facebook may have listed yo... Read More »