What does it mean to be 60 percent effaced?

Answer Answerit mean that person not in the stage of disease which shows symptoms but he has organisms in body which cause disease. if the number of microorganism is increased 40 percent, it shows symptom... Read More »

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How long will it take to get 100 effaced and to labor when you are 37 weeks 80 percent effaced and 2 cm dialated with your first child and you don't know the baby's station but he is in position?

Answer YOu won't know all you can do is stay hydrated and go for a walk. Walking speeds up the process. Or try some old wives tales like eating spicy food. Your body will know when it the best tim... Read More »

1 cm dilated 75 percent effaced?

35 weeks along and 1.5 cm dilated 75 percent effaced? What does this mean?

How far off is labor when you are 70 percent effaced and 3 cm dilated?

How close am I if I'm 4 centimeters 80 percent effaced?