What does it mean to back up your ipod?

Answer Backing up an iPod simply means taking all of the music, movies and files on your iPod and creating a copy of it elsewhere. The data can be backed up to a CD, DVD, another computer or external hard... Read More »

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If i back up my ipod touch and then restore the back up will all the saved data of the games stay?

Unfortunately no. But a lot of games that require an account usually keep your progress on their servers so when you restore it should still be there.

How can you get the MP3s in your iPod back to your laptop they are in the iPod format?

You can "rip" music off any iPod. There are several commercial applications that make this task very easy. There are also many free methods. Super easy way to get your hands on your ipod songs:open... Read More »

How do you get your music back If your computer crashes how do u get your music back on itunes if it is all on your ipod?

You can try this iPod to PC transfer: It can backup the files from iPod to your computer without any loss of your files. It is easy to operate. Jus... Read More »

Does backing up my iPod 2 back up everything?

It backs up pictures, apps, notes, contacts, and music. However, your iPod is a second generation, which means it won't update to iOS 5.