What does it mean, socially speaking, when someone de-friends you on facebook?

Answer It means your friend is a c^nt. I wouldn't worry, lol.Find a pic of someone giving the finger, send it too them, with the caption :I'm rather comfortable with that."

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On Facebook chat, what does it mean when someone is idle?

they haven't signed out but they have not made any movement on teh site for a while.Like on MSN when it says away

What does it mean when someone is "idle" on facebook chat?

It means they are connected, and they have not set their status to something else (such as "away," "sleeping," etc.), but they have not touched their keyboard or mouse in a while, like 10 minutes. ... Read More »

What does mutual friends mean on facebook and do you choose the friends to be in this or is it random?

Mutual friends are friends in common. You can't really pick. You have bob as your friend, and so does another person, and you and that other person have a mutual friend.

On facebook,what does it mean when someone is the first one on your chat list?

Wells there is two reasons 1 he has either looked at you're profile recently nd it goes in or you have looked at his profile