What does it mean (on google): 'im feeling lucky'?

Answer i am feeling lucky just return to you the first search result it gets

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What does I'm feeling lucky on GOOGLE mean?

As almost everyone has said, it'd take you to the first search result, which Google think is the best match to your query. It is named "I'm Feeling Lucky" because if you are lucky, the first result... Read More »

What does 'I'm Feeling Lucky' mean on the Google homepage?

it'll take you to the first link when you search for something.

How many of you have actually used the 'im feeling lucky' button on google?

i did once, because there are a few funny easter eggs behind that button =)

On Google, what does the " I'm Feeling Lucky" button do?

Takes you to what would be the first results webpage. You will not see the other results of the search. Do you feel lucky enought to just pick what google things will be the answer to what you are ... Read More »