What does it mean if your knees are burning?

Answer BE NICE TO THEM AND NOT ALL GROSS !give them some space they dont want to be with you 24/7

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What does it mean when your knees are burning hot?

That's ussualy a major sign of inflammation and being that it's both knees thats very indicative of Arthtritis. I dont know your age but yes Arthritis can occur at any age and often starts out like... Read More »

What does it mean if your knees and elbows hurt and ache?

Judging from your age, you're probably just growing. It can also be the way you workout. You're too young to have joint problems, so I wouldn't worry.

What does it mean if my knees crack every time i crouch?

If there is no pain associated with the cracking of your knees there is nothing for you to worry about.Often when the knee moves from a flexed to an extended position the ligaments in your knees wi... Read More »

What does a burning cross mean?

A burning cross is a sign of intimidation, popular among proponents of the Ku Klux Klan in the United States. It is not always accompanied by violence, but has gained notoriety through its use at s... Read More »