What does it mean if your groin is swollen?

Answer Please see a doctor ASAP. This can be caused by testicular torsion and if it gets worse, the testicle can actually die and have to be removed if it's not treated.I don't want to scare you, but I j... Read More »

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I just slipped and sprained my groin, it is all swollen down there, what should I do to help myself heal?

warm breath.... soothing..... a little licking.... balls across the nose for me..... are you feeling better?NO ICE

A Lump on my Groin. It's a Tender Groin.?

Sound's like a hernia. have it checked out by a Doctor.

The left side of my forehead and eye area is kinda swollen. Maybe the bone is a little swollen to, idk.?

If you have a bad headache you should take a couple of paracetamol , your headache should ease in about 10 to 15 minutes.............

Swollen lymph nodes in neck and ear, swollen left upper rib cage.?

I agree with your Doctor. Swelling of lymph nodes is extremely common in colds and viruses. I would give it several weeks before you get to worried. Especially since the swollen nodes are accompani... Read More »