What does it mean if your groin is swollen?

Answer Please see a doctor ASAP. This can be caused by testicular torsion and if it gets worse, the testicle can actually die and have to be removed if it's not treated.I don't want to scare you, but I j... Read More »

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I just slipped and sprained my groin, it is all swollen down there, what should I do to help myself heal?

warm breath.... soothing..... a little licking.... balls across the nose for me..... are you feeling better?NO ICE

If your mons pubis is swollen does that mean you are pregnant?

Answer Not necessarily. But it's a reason to have a pelvic exam nonetheless.

What does a swollen Achilles tendon mean?

Swelling in the Achilles tendon is a condition known as Achilles tendinitis (sometimes spelled tendonitis). Tendinitis causes inflammation and irritation around the affected tendon, but the conditi... Read More »

What does it mean when an infants ureter is swollen?

Seek medical attention immediately! Could be a sign of an infection or some more serious condition that could be very dangerous to an infants health if not treated quickly.