What does it mean if your baby is born facing up?

Answer Answer It would be impossible for anyone to make an accurate diagnosis through the Internet, so you should take your child to the doctor. Even if it turns out to be something as simple as sleeping ... Read More »

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Your baby girl is 13 months old and was born with a head size of 34.5 cm it is now only 43 cm your doctor is concerned what can this mean?

Head circumference has to be correlated with body weight. If the two do not correspond on a centile chart then we need to consider microcephaly. The development of the child needs to be taken into ... Read More »

What does it feel like if your baby dies and is not born yet?

The main thing would be that you would not feel your baby moving anymore. If you're feeling decreased fetal movement after 24 weeks gestation, you should contact your doctor.

Does it mean the baby is coming really soon if you are at 36.5 weeks with your third child and your cervix has softened and the baby has dropped?

Answer If it is your first baby this is about what you would expect, the baby will come when it is ready.2/6/2008: I'm sure since you have already had 2 children that you are aware of what your bod... Read More »

Why does your new born baby go cross eyed?

My now 12 yr old son went cross eyed when he was a baby and it was called Pediatric Strabismus. It is when the muscles in the eyes are weak and out of alignment. In my sons case, he had to see a sp... Read More »