What does it mean if you have sugar in your urine?

Answer Answer Most of the time it means that your body is producing to much sugar which can lead or even mean that you have diabetes. Call your doctor and get tested for this.

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Can an infection cause sugar to be in urine?

In an otherwise normal person infection does not cause this. In a person with diabetes any infection can lead to worsening of diabetes. Infection can also trigger diabetes in those with impaired su... Read More »

Does sugar in the urine need medication?

Friend,it is a sign that you should go to a doctor and get fully examined.the sugar in Urine indicates, probably you are a diabetic.If the blood sugar levels go beyond a certain level then it shows... Read More »

I just found out that I have sugar in my urine, can I pee on my breakfast cereal now?

Go ahead. I can't wait to see how you like it.

Blood sugar is high running 400 and urine has foul smell?

Urinary tract infection. All bacteria love glucose--it is the simplest form of sugar, and they can grow like crazy in diabetic urine. The high plasma level combined with the smell and back pain i... Read More »