What does it mean if you have sugar in your urine?

Answer Answer Most of the time it means that your body is producing to much sugar which can lead or even mean that you have diabetes. Call your doctor and get tested for this.

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When you have Yellow urine, what does it mean?

You are a little bit dehydrated. but nothing to worry about. Unless it's too dark which means you are very dehydrated.

What does it mean to have Nitrites in the urine (Nitrates)?

Whereas NITRATES are more or less normal in urine (mainly coming from food additives and from food protein, it seems, though their origin is the subject to extensive studies), the presence of NITRI... Read More »

What does protein in your urine mean?

Protein in your urine is an indication that you have had some injury to one or both kidneys, which causes leakage of chemicals that would normally be retained rather than excreted. This damage is a... Read More »

What does it mean if your urine has a strong smell to it?

On One Hand: Causes May Be HarmlessMany causes of strong-smelling urine are harmless and temporary. Medline Plus and the Mayo Clinic cite harmless potential causes that include eating asparagus, ta... Read More »