What does it mean if you bleed from your anus?

Answer It could be last stages of Sclerophthora macrospora. If you notice that he is hard to wake-up or really tired in the morning, craves a lot of carbohydrate food like Pizza or has a hard time rememb... Read More »

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What does it mean when you bleed from your bottom?

it's piles and it's very painful, i have been through it, go to the doctor ASAP otherwise the blood flow will increase and so will your painP.S: One gets piles by either eating alot of red meat, or... Read More »

Can acid reflux cause the anus to bleed?

On One Hand: Not a Common SymptomAcid reflux is a disease affecting the normal digestion of food and drink and a buildup of excess stomach acid. According to WebMD, a bleeding anus is not a common ... Read More »

What does it mean when you bleed brown?

It is normal for vaginal bleeding to range from bright red to brown during a period, spotting, or pregnancy. Dark brown blood is generally associated with spotting or with the end of a period and i... Read More »

Does a baby come out from the anus or the vagina?