What does it mean if when you poop there are little white worms in it.?

Answer It sounds like you have pinworms, but regardless of what it really is.. it's important for you to tell your parents at the very least and go see a doctor. Obviously a personal medical problem reall... Read More »

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What does it mean when your poop is white?

If i find white small worms up my bum what does that mean i have?

Pin wormsPinworms (known professionally as enterobius vermicularis), are an infection of the anal area most common in children. The symptoms of Pinworms are nightime irritation, restlessness, itchi... Read More »

What does it mean when your child eats his own poop?

how old is he/she? it depends on the age most of the time, if they are somewhere from the ages 1-4 then it might be a problem or them just experimenting they are from the ages 5 and up then take th... Read More »

What are these worms in my poop?

The little worm-like creature that was seen in your stool was probably a threadworm (pinworm), although there are other types of worms which can also infect the human gut. Infection with threadwor... Read More »