What does it mean if there is fluid found outside the pregnancy sac?

Answer Answer It could mean the fluid sac protecting the child has a tear in it or is leaking or that you have fluid in your uterus. You'll have to speak to your MD to find out for certain.

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What does one line mean for digital pregnancy test The window displays error because of unstandard operation But there is only one blue band on test stick Pregnancy or not?

this normally means that the preancy tester is falty or can not detect an earley preancey my advise is to go and see your doctor or gp and they will be able to find out using their tests

Does this mean that there is blood in the vitreous fluid of your eyes?

Likely you are making the opening between your lids smaller and getting a depth of field effect. Blood in the vitreous would not have this effect.Does this happen with or without your glasses on? ... Read More »

If one line on a pregnancy test was very faint but you could tell there were two lines does this mean you are pregnant?

A very faint line usually means you are pregnant, any faint line over the positive means you are, it just may well be that your hormone levels are low due to being too early in the pregnancy theref... Read More »

What is this bug i found outside?

that is the true water bug, not the large roach people call water bugs...that one may be the Giant Water Bug, there are several types of true water bugs