What does it mean if the custody agreement is equal?

Answer Answer It designates that both parents have the same rights to make decisions on pertaining to the child's/children's welfare. Such as schooling, medical care, participation in sports, etc. Althoug... Read More »

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Do it Yourself Custody Agreement?

Custody of the minor children is a large part of a divorce agreement. Custody agreements serve the best interests of the children. Many people think that the mom has to have primary custody and tha... Read More »

When both parents have equal custody who pays for child support?

The one with the high income alhough this more often applies to fathers since they usually have the higher income.

Should a father and a mother have equal rights to custody of a child?

On One Hand: Children Need Both ParentsAs the Colorado State University Extension explains, children need relationships with both parents after a divorce (unless one parent is abusive or otherwise ... Read More »

Joint Legal Custody Agreement?

Family courts may choose to grant parents joint legal custody of a child, joint physical custody or sole custody to either parent. In joint legal custody agreements, parents are required to make me... Read More »