What does it mean if the custody agreement is equal?

Answer Answer It designates that both parents have the same rights to make decisions on pertaining to the child's/children's welfare. Such as schooling, medical care, participation in sports, etc. Althoug... Read More »

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What does"separate but equal"mean?

"Separate but equal" was a policy that allowed public facilities to be separated by race as long as all facilities remained equal in terms of quality. The policy also stated that equal, but separat... Read More »

What does the yellow equal sticker mean?

The blue sticker with a yellow equal sign is often seen on bumper stickers. The symbol is representative of the Human Rights Campaign and is displayed to show support of the lesbian, gay, bisexual ... Read More »

What does equal justice under the law mean?

The phrase "equal justice under the law" is a common philosophical notion used to indicate a goal of fairness in the United States courts for all residents in a bias-free and culturally sensitive m... Read More »

What exactly does sole legal custody mean in Virginia if in exchange for dropping child support you received sole custody of your daughter and the father can only visit if you approve?

Answer Sole custody means you have all the power. You can choose to keep the father out of their life until the children turn 18 if you want to or you can allow visits.