What does it mean if my baby has a simian line?

Answer simian /sim·i·an/ (sim´e-an) of, pertaining to, or resembling an ape or a monkey.A simian line(or palmar crease) is a single line running horizontally across the palm of the hand, instead of the... Read More »

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What does life line mean?

Originally, a life line was a rope tied to the dock or ship that was thrown to save a drowning man. However, it now also refers to a strategy or supplies used to rescue a person, group or business ... Read More »

What does out of memory at line 100 mean?

Omg me too! I was just gonna ask about it! I have an HP. I don't think it has to do with your computer, though. I think it's just a glitch on Facebook or something.

What Does a Line of Credit Mean?

When a person borrows money from another party, the money that is borrowed is considered a loan. Generally, loans are issued at a particular rate of interest that the borrower must pay back with th... Read More »

What does the red line on the breaker box mean?

If you are talking about the breakers inside the box (switches) it means that particular circuit exceeded it's limit in amperage and "tripped" the circuit breaker. This most often occurs when you h... Read More »