Replaced thermal coupal pilot light burns then burner comes on burns for 15 seconds both go out?

Answer Make sure the thermal couple is postioned in the pilot flame correctly. It could be a bad gas control valve.

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What does it mean when I urinate often?

It may be a sign of Diabetes, I asked a a friend of mine who has it, what were his first signs of it, he said he would have to go often.

How often is too often to urinate?

Polyuria is difficult to determine because it can be different for everyone. In a 24 hour period, urinating about 6 times is the average. However, over hydrating, intake of caffeine, and even some ... Read More »

What to Do If a Cat Uses the Bathroom Rug to Urinate?

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What causes the urge to urinate?

From the time you're toilet trained, you know what the urge to urinate feels like. What causes this urge starts at the kidneys and ends at your urethra; the entire area is called your urinary tract... Read More »