What does it mean if a photograph is copyrighted?

Answer It means reproduction or distribution of the photograph is legal after permission from the author is sought.

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What does it mean when a cd is copyrighted and what can i do?

I don't know, but I'll tell you what you can't do. Copy it. that's for sure. And you definitely can't use that materail and claim it as your own!

Youtube: Does this mean I can still get a copyright strike if the video does get copyrighted?

Answer to your question is No and remember, try not to use copyrighted items. After three strikes your account will be suspended.

What does photograph mean?

Photo = lightGraph = writing or drawing;so "drawing with light"

What does it mean when you give up moral rights to a photograph?

Copyright laws dictate that moral rights are automatically granted to the original photographer for images he creates. Giving up moral rights to a photograph allows others to market, license, modif... Read More »