What does it mean if a headache lasts for more than 10 hours?

Answer That happend to me Not enough sleep and need more water in your system.

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If I take an anti-inflammatory that lasts for 24 hrs is it ok if I take something else if I get a headache?

Take an anti-flammatory suppository and depository it.

What's this light headache I have since I woke up it lasts all day?

Have you ever had you're eyes checked, eye strain causes headaches.Too much coffee......hmmm should keep it to 3 cups max per day, give it a try for two weeks and see if it helps - that amount of c... Read More »

Is it normal, to have an erection, that lasts over 8 hours...?

If this is a joke ... I'll be there in a bit to offer a hand (?) If you're being serious you need to speak to your GP or a pharmacist pretty quickly Mr 'P'

Can i get a headache for not eatng 15 hours ago?

Yes. I get them all the time. These are some solutions that I have discovered and I do experiment these: Eat a variety sized meal: one that contains vitamins A, D, C, calcium, potassium, fiber, iro... Read More »