What does it mean if a guy says he has a "white tiger" in his pants?

Answer guys try to brag they got a wild penis. when most don't have their own personality

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What does Jeff eastin of white collar mean when he says he's thinking about bringing kate back anne-rice style?

What is a refreshed iPhone i will buy an iPhone at best buy and it says iPhone 3g 16GB white refreshed what does that mean?

I think they mean it's refurbished, which means it's been repaired and you should get a discount.

What does dreaming about a tiger mean?

On One Hand: It Can Be a Good SignTigers are undeniably powerful creatures, and dreaming of one that has succumbed to you can mean that you are about to be fortunate in business or love. A tiger ru... Read More »

Why does Mickey Mouse have white polka dots on his red pants?