What does it mean if a girl is silly?

Answer it means they get drunk or high!

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Well this silly and clumsy girl has slipped and bruised her leg and is very much in pain?

I don't know what to say,i hve tears in my eyes :P ..THANKS Bourne for your concern u r a true friend.Thanks to everyone who answered this questionThe doc has seen it last night Afshan@ Afsh... Read More »

How to Be Silly?

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, you've got the blues or life just needs a dash of hilarity added to spice it up, then there is nothing better than to be silly. Remember "silly"? Yeah, that crazy... Read More »

THis is probably silly to ask but PLEASE HELP?

Hi this is Frank, I had the same problem and this is how i solved it. 1. Write the question down 2. Then go look up the answer in your book or notes that you took. Se by writing it down it will hel... Read More »

This may sound silly, but will is a dvd from the UK different than one from the US?

Uk has Region 2 DVD's.....US has Region 1. If you make sure your DVD's are Region 1, you should be ok. xXx