What does it mean if a girl has a croch that smells of fish?

Answer The most common cause is Bacterial Vaginosis.Bacterial vaginosis is not a STD; it is embarrassing and disturbing but it is not dangerous.It happens because of an overgrowth of normal vaginal bacte... Read More »

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What does it mean if your penis smells like fish?

When a woman smells like fish, what does it mean?

It means stay well clear from her or you'll end up with and infecton.

Your urine smells like eggs does that mean you may be pregnant?

Do you fill guilty when see chicken, meat or fish that looks good and smells good?

I've recently just became vegetarian as well :) (this February) Now moving onto the vegan diet. I never realize how tough it is to find vegan food, as nearly all the food in super markets contain ... Read More »