What does it mean if a baby has a hair patch on his back?

Answer becker melanosis

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Does a baby having a full head of hair at birth mean that it was a late delivery?

What does it mean to have extreme lower back pain and you can feel something moving around in your back?

I am not a doctor however pain in your lower back while pregnant can mean many things from labor, false labor, the baby pushing on a nerve, etc the best thing to do is see you doctor and if things ... Read More »

My 9months baby has 3 different lumps at the back of her head and it seems to increase in size what can this mean?

Answer If they are appearing along the hair-line at the back of the head, they are most likely lymph nodes. If your bably has had colds, of especially ear infections, the lymph nodes are growing t... Read More »

At what age does a baby roll from back to side?

My daughter has been rolling onto her side (not completely over to her stomach, though) since she was about 3 1/2 months. All babies are different, and may accomplish milestones at different ages.