What does it mean if a baby has a hair patch on his back?

Answer becker melanosis

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Will a baby born with a head full of hair change texture or color My baby was born with dark straight hair I have wavy brown hair and am caucasian and her father is Peurto Rican with curly hair?

Answer Well I was born with dark brown curly hair, and now mine is dead straight, and blonde! so it can change, but not always!

Why do babys get a bold patch at the back of their heads?

It is simply because they lie on their backs a lot and the constant rubbing on the back of their heads wears the hair off.

I took a patch from a Hells Angel's jacket - how can I give it back safely?

*sniff sniff* the bs detector is off the charts

How to Do a Hair Dye Patch Test?

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