What does it mean if a baby body is warm but not to hot?

Answer Depends on how warm we're talking about. Babies usually run a higher temperature than adults (probably because they have better blood circulation). Take a rectal or axillary (armpit) temp reading. ... Read More »

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If your baby does not have a fever but feels warm what should you do?

If the baby is not having fever, but he is still feeling warm ,sensible parents should cover their child with warm clothes in order to prevent him from further diseases.

What does cool and warm mean in light bulbs?

When referencing light bulbs, the terms "cool" and "warm" refer to what is known as "color temperature." Cool light bulbs emit light with a blue hue, while warm light bulbs give off more of an oran... Read More »

Why does everyone always say that the baby isn't ready yet Does the baby really decide when labor begins or is it the womans body?

Answer It's actually the uterus and the umbilical chord. The female body produces repressors to tell its body cells not to attack the baby. When these repressors stop, the body rejects the baby, an... Read More »

What does photo shot under incandescent lights to look slightly warm mean?

Answer By warmer, they mean that the color leans toward yellow and orange. Daylight film (or a digital camera set to daylight) are balanced so that light such as you see outdoors or through a wind... Read More »