What does it mean if a baby body is warm but not to hot?

Answer Depends on how warm we're talking about. Babies usually run a higher temperature than adults (probably because they have better blood circulation). Take a rectal or axillary (armpit) temp reading. ... Read More »

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How to Keep a Baby Warm in a Crib?

Sleep is usually a commodity for parents of an infant. When your baby gets a good night's sleep, you often get a good night's sleep too. One of the ways you can increase the quality and duration of... Read More »

How warm should you keep baby chickens?

Baby chickens should be kept where it is 90 to 95 degrees during their first week of life. You may lower the temperature five degrees each week until you get to 70 degrees. A 250-watt bulb hung 18 ... Read More »

How to Keep Your Baby's Room Warm?

If your baby's crib is in a different room with at different heating zone, the heat might go off in the baby's room without your knowledge. This article shows you how to build an inexpensive low-te... Read More »