What does it mean if I get a youtube partner message?

Answer Not only is it free, but YOU earn the money. I am a partner. Although the new partnership program is what you have, so it doesn't do much. It isn't special, but it means you have enough views to ea... Read More »

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What does being a YouTube partner mean?

-- a special banner for your profile page -- a banner alongside every played video-- your channel-page video on "autoplay"-- automatic "high-def" to all your videos-- "special" videos over 10 minut... Read More »

Does this mean I'm a YouTube partner?

I don't think you are. because the email does not state about anything legal eg: Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy and stuff like that It is more then likely an automated email to say they have ... Read More »

Why does youtube videos have a pop up message there's people spying on you" mean?

Ignore that, it's an ad trying to get you to buy an antivirus. They make it like that just to get you to click on it. Also be aware that there are fake antiviruses that are actually viruses themsel... Read More »

What does ESA mean in NASA's ISS partner?

ESA is the European Space Agency, which has been involved in the building of the International Space Station along with NASA and some other countries.