What does it mean for too much B12 in a child?

Answer autosomal dominant

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What does it mean if a child has lumps behind the ear and in the front and they hurt when the child opens their mouth and chews?

AnswerEveryone has lumps behind the ears and in the throat areas, as well as, in the head. These lumps are part of the lymph node system and some are just glands. When there is an infection in the ... Read More »

How much earned child tax credit does a person get per child?

The amount of Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) that you can receive per child as of 2010 is dependent on how much you qualify for based on your adjusted gross income and the number of qualified chil... Read More »

What does Thursday's child mean?

"Thursday's Child" is an old poem that was used to teach children the order of the days of the week. In the rhyme, the day of the week a child is born on has meaning. For example, "Wednesday's chil... Read More »

What does is mean if a child is statemented?

If a child is statemented, it means the child has been identified as having special educational needs. The categories can vary for every child, but these would include a child with medical/self hel... Read More »