How do you chat with the bad girls club?

Answer 1.You gain their trust and friendship(by acting and reacting as themselvesand do what they ask).2.Do some sort of an amazing act that will get THEIR attention and just make them love you.3.First,st... Read More »

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What does"a/s/l"in a chat box mean?

Acronyms are used in chat rooms and text messages to help shorten the time it takes to type. A/S/L in a chat room stands for age, sex (male or female) and location (where the person is living).Refe... Read More »

What does ftw mean in chat?

Chatters use the acronym "FTW" as short form for "For the Win," according to the Urban Dictionary. For instance, if a sports fan is excited about a big hockey game, he may type to a friend: "My tea... Read More »

What does GWN mean in a chat?

The acronym GWN can have different meanings, depending on the subject of the chat. If the subject is gaming, GWN stands for Gameworld Industries, a company that maintains a gaming website at Read More »

What does"lol"mean in a chat room?

"LOL" is Internet jargon used in chat rooms as a shorthand for "laugh out loud" or "laughing out loud." It is used to indicate a reaction to something funny that made the person laugh out loud whil... Read More »