What does it mean by a website using cookies?

Answer Cookies are small files stored on your computer by web sites, some good , some not so good. Cookies can store user-id, passwords, but also may contain tracking info for advertisers. Some web site ... Read More »

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In Active Directory I see folks using as the domain. Does that mean they host their own website?

FQDN = Fully Qualified Domain Name DNS cannot resolve Bobs Burger but it can resolve Bobs Spend some time learning about DNS/DHCP

What Does the Computer Term "Cookies" Mean?

Browsing the web originally was a very static experience. Pages existed in one form only, and you paged through them like browsing a book. In the mid-90s, however, web developers sought a way to cu... Read More »

What does cookies mean in computer talk?

A cookie is a small text file that a web server can save on your computer.They have many uses, perhaps most commonly being used to check if you are "signed in" to a web site or not. In this instanc... Read More »

What does .com mean in a website like what does the com mean?

commercial org = organizationgov = governmented = education