What does it feel like when you get stung by a bee?

Answer When a bee lands on you, it feels like any other bug that could land on you. You don't feel it's skin or hair in particular, but you feel a tickle like sensation. Having been stung just last year... Read More »

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What does it feel like to get stung by a bee/wasp?

It kinda feels like getting a needle injection in the site where you got stung by the bee. Minus the numbing medication .A tack in the foot kinda feeling

What does an alcohol Buzz feel like What's being drunk feel like?

"Buzz" is relaxed. "Drunk" is a bad roller coaster.

What does it feel like when you finally get a BFP...?

i couldnt believe it i took sooo many tests just to make sure!! my partner was on the wii fit doing hula hoops and i was trying to put him off before he beat my score and i come out with oh yea fou... Read More »

When does your stomach start getting big and what does it feel like?

%REPLIES% Answer Most women start to show around 4 or 5 months. But all women are different. How it feels is unexplainable. Answer I felt quite bloated within a month of conception, so it seeme... Read More »