What does it feel like to be drunk?

Answer As much as people may say that alcohol is not as bad as controlled substances (illegal drugs), it is. Due to the fact that it is a legal "drug", it is more readily available, and easily retrieved/c... Read More »

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What does an alcohol Buzz feel like What's being drunk feel like?

"Buzz" is relaxed. "Drunk" is a bad roller coaster.

What does it feel like to be drunk.?

Fun, its like extreme dizziness, its like the world is one a boat and being rocked back on forth on an ocean, people start to stick out a little more or blend in a little better, your thinking beco... Read More »

What does it feel like when your drunk?

It depends. There are stages. Sounds get muffled, your body feels loose and tingly, but your face feels really hot. Latter stages you start to feel down about everything, but I think the loose feel... Read More »

What. does it feel like when your drunk or buzzed what are effects?

How you act kinda depends on what you drink and what your normal personality is, anyway. How you feel is pretty easy to predict. After one or two drinks, depending on your tolerance, you start to f... Read More »