Does each MSN Hotmail account have different URL numbers?

Answer Yes. They each will have different uniform resource locators (URLs) numbers. Multiple accounts have similar addresses, but the first three numbers (right after the two initial forward slashes after... Read More »

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Is it possiable to have 2 different home phone lines in a house with 2 different numbers?

You sure can. I do. A lot of people used to have 2 phones - one for the kids and another for the adults. That way way back in the day before kids had cell phones.

Do bank account numbers contain punctuation?

In the United States, bank account numbers do not have any sort of punctuation; they consist of only numbers. However, international bank accounts may have dashes separating the numbers on their a... Read More »

How many isotopes does neodymium have?

Neodymium, an element in the lanthanide series, has seven naturally occurring isotopes. The natural element is composed of a mix of stable isotopes with mass numbers from Nd-142 to Nd-150. Accordin... Read More »

What Different Numbers Are There on Clippers for Hair Cuts?

Whether you're a woman who plans to help a man trim his scalp or facial hair, or a man who wants to try to groom himself instead of visit a barber, you'll need to know what the numbered settings on... Read More »