What does iphone usb cord look like?

Answer Aluminum and the natural resources in plastic!!!!

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What does an ethernet wii cord look like?

No Wii Ethernet cord exists. The Wii console features a USB port into which you plug in a Wii LAN Adapter; a standard Ethernet cable bridges the adapter and a broadband router or modem, connecting ... Read More »

What does a uk power cord look like?

Electrical plugs in the UK are wider than those in the United States. Their prongs are three flat pins arranged in a triangle shape, with two horizontal pins at the bottom and one vertical pin at t... Read More »

What does an ethernet cord look like?

An ethernet cord, also known as an ethernet cable, generally looks like other cables used for electronic devices. It often is yellow in color, but not always. The ends of the ethernet cable have co... Read More »

What does the iPhone 3GS look like?