What does invalid sim card mean?

Answer There are a few common reasons why you may see the message stating that your SIM card is invalid. Some issues may be easy to fix on your own, but others will require calling your service provider.... Read More »

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What dies mean "ERO5 " invalid sim card" on a Samsung Galaxy Note II?

Means you need a new SIM card. Can I assume this is a T-Mobile phone?

Ipod touch - app store - credit card - invalid security code. help?

What Does Invalid PDU Content Mean?

I kept getting that message too, and I looked it up on Google and one of the answers I found was that you should send your message as MMS instead of regular text message. So I did that and it work... Read More »

What does invalid parameter mean?

The DOS error message "invalid parameter" indicates that the system does not understand what was typed on the command line. This is primarily caused by incorrect spelling and punctuation errors.Ref... Read More »